This year is a tough one if you have lost your job and money is tight. So here is a list of software that works with CRA Netfile, is free and helps you through the process of filing your taxes online.

Here is a list of Free software:

  • TurboTax
    The free version is an online portal that will allow you to complete simple tax situations. The software allows you to connect your CRA My account, and you can sync what CRA has online to keeps things simple.
  • Simple Tax
    As the name states, it is a simple one-page fillable return, and it is a pay as much as you can model.
  • GenuTax
    This is another entirely free software where donations are welcome. You cannot use it if you live in Quebec.

At Chartered Professional Accountants, our specialized knowledge of working with self-employed contractors and small businesses that we can help create and maintain the necessary paperwork for monthly income and expenses for tax preparation and submission. Our consultants in Toronto discuss your business tax and accounting needs to determine the best course of action for you.

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