Growing your Small Business with Social Media

Growing your Small Business with Social Media. Nearly 75% of Canadians you social media on a daily basis.

Social media is a great way to connect with people to increase your brand awareness and connect with people that actually already enjoy your brand.

Using social media can be very inexpensive and if done correctly can enhance your brand and in separate you from the pack.

1. Make a SMART Plan

To be effective in social media you should create a smart plan: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Well it without a plan you will not be able to measure your goals and we will get into using analytics in a following point.

2. Choose the platforms will work for you

choose which platforms work work for you in my case I think LinkedIn and Instagram are the best platforms for my business.

If you were running a clothing line then, Pinterest and Instagram might be your best choices as well as Facebook marketplace.

3. Understand where your customers are on Social Media

By doing this you will ensure that you were not wasting efforts in targeting customers. For a service his business that’s B to be a place like LinkedIn is a great place to find your next customer.

4. Create Look a Like audience’s

If you were thinking of expanding beyond your current area i.e. moving from going into the Vancouver market and you’re currently in the Toronto market. You should start to look at and create look-alike audience so you could quickly move into those markets as consumers are generally going to have the same behaviors.

5. Create relationships

It is very important to interact with your posts. When customers are researching generally they find social media posts then do more research and then create a buy. You can get free exposure by thanking people for their likes which then could turn into more exposure to new account customers.

6. Use eye catching pictures in your posts

Make your post stand out from the rest. Use eye-popping photos and videos to engage the potential customer. I use Unsplash as a free photo repository to get make my post pop.

7. Better to have well thought out posts over too many spammy ones

Do not spam post after post. Create 5 to 10 posts a week spread out and scheduled but make sure they are the best 10 posts you can make.

8. Sharpen the Tools in your box to use the most effective ones for you

Experiment with new social media platforms to find out which ones work and which ones don’t. Eventually you can get up to 10 to 20 social media platforms that could work. I suggest focusing on 10.

9. Make sure to engage with people on your posts

When people react to your post with her at a lake or a comment. Please ensure to respond. This will create social signals and push your post further into the social media platforms.

10. Use Hootsuite to manage your posts throughout the week

Are use HootSuite to manage my post. I can schedule them every week at different times. It also gives me analytics to see how I’ve done week to week. It tells me whether my posts reach more people or less and and if they had more interactions each week.

11. Use Analytics to ensure you are making progress

You can also use software like Google analytics to see where the traffic is coming from to your website. You can actually track which social media platforms are sending traffic to your website and adjust your campaigns accordingly.



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