How to Start an Online Business for Free

First step, after deciding what you will sell or what service you will provide, I would create a logo and brand that speaks to your product or service.

Secondly, I would be looking at Instagram Business and Facebook Business pages. I would also go to Google My Business and create a profile and create shopping listings. Another avenue is YouTube instructional videos. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, whether it’s a product or service; LinkedIn can also create a very viable marketplace. I think creating small little commercials that show what you are selling or what service you provide will help. Videos will let your potential clients see who you are and gain some trust and desire to work with you. I would also focus on a niche and if you are a local service provider and work on your local area network via Google maps. You can create custom maps with keywords on Google Maps. Another good place to sell products is Pinterest, if you have great images of your products or services. I would prefer that you did longer videos that show instruction or advice and make them permanent rather than doing a story that evaporates in 24 hours. If you are selling a product and can get listings on Etsy and Amazon it will accelerate your sales as well.

Once you have created all of the social media pages you need to share them and create social signals. I would focus on a maximum 30 hashtags and try to post two to three times a day. The posts should be a mix of photos, videos and topic sharing.

If you already own a Website URL, you can host a one-page site via Go Daddy for free. You can embed your videos from YouTube and share. You can create content via a blog and share as well.

How to start a business online for Free

How to start a business online for Free



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