New Business Pitfalls to Avoid

As a new business owner you will face many challenges. This article will explain some of the pitfalls to avoid and how to save money.

1. When starting your business in sure that you can differentiate a product from a business.

A business will have different aspects such as HR culture, IT systems, legal etc.

We’re looking at a product ensure that there is an actual demand for this in the marketplace 40% of businesses fail to recognize a demand for a product and fail in coming to market with something that is not required.

2. A major pitfall is not differentiate in your business from your competitors. My favorite way to start a business is go into a niche that is underserved. Once you can dominate this niche you can then expand into other niches. Start by location and an area were you are the expert.

3. Start out lean. Do not have large marketing plans and an office that you can afford. Do not over staff do the items yourself to learn the processes and then eventually hire fractional staff.

4. Test out your products first or business services. You can do this by doing surveys doing a kick starter or simply try marketing on social media for free.

5. The biggest mistake any business can make and the main pitfall to avoid is do not scale to quickly. It is better to lose a few sales and scale slowly then to scale quickly and lose all sales based on a poor reputation.

New Business Pitfalls to Avoid


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Avoid Business Pitfalls

Avoid Business Pitfalls

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