Setting and Achieving Sales Goals

Setting and Achieving Sales Goals.

Two items set apart people who work towards Goals and those that do not.

  1. Clear path to Success
  2. Commit to the Path everyday

Here is a Pathway to Achieve your Sales Goals:

  1. Every day you should review your sales goals. Make a plan to achieve one item toward success that day. Ensure that that plan will work for your weekly goals.
  2. Over the weekend review last week schools and adjust of next week schools to ensure that if goals were missed you can catch up. Or if goals were met you can take them to the next level.
  3. Once a week you should verbalize your goals. This can be done with your sales team business partner mentor business coach or whoever can help keep you accountable.
  4. Once a month you should review the past months successes and failures. Try to adjust based on your failures or successes to create goals for the entire next month broke and then down into weekly goals.
  5. Every quarter you can then look at the past three months progress. What are the issues what led to sales and what led to failures. Do you need to start introducing different types of software do you need to introduce another sales person? Do you need to do more marketing is or advertising?
  6. I like to set goals in December for the following year. This definitely can help you achieve the goals that you need. For me IG like to see a close sale once a week. That means one new client per week. Achieving 52 clients a year over 10 years will just create a substantial growth in your business.

Overall your annual goals should lead to a big picture plan. When do you plan to retire? How long is the business going to run for? What are the next steps of the business? Do you need to achieve a certain goal to sell the business? Definitely define what your end goal is and it’ll be easier to break down your annual quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.

Setting and Achieving Sales Goals.



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