Unreasonable and Difficult Clients

How to Deal With Unreasonable and Difficult Clients

Difficult and unreasonable clients are part of everyone’s business. Here are some tips from my experience in dealing with them and how to come out with a win-win situation.

1. Have a well thought out response
I do not get roped in to a conflict with your client use logic and reason ability to deal with him. Do not take the situation personal it’s business after all.
2. Use examples from your experience
Some customers think they are experts in all fields. You will not be able to argue with some people and come out with a conclusion that will be turnable to both parties.
Speak from your experience but in a humble format rather than trying to be an expert and bullying your client into submission.
Some clients need to be massaged with their egos but you can do this by interjecting with examples of how the situation was handled in prior times.
3. Use specific examples and specific consequences from those examples
A great way to explain to a client that the issue they are complaining about is to show a specific situation where it did not work out. I like to always refer to reasons of why you cannot do a certain method based on the risk of getting audited. The risk of having to pay interest and penalty penalties for making a move that might benefit slightly but increase his risk tremendously.
4. Acknowledge with your client that there are issues could not do not fully agree with them
Acknowledging that there is an issue will calm your client down but remember to not agree fully in this if you’re not convinced. Rolling over will only create more of a problem. Find a middle ground find a solution that works for both sides.
5. Have an outcome in your mind prior to having this conversation
Have an outcome that you think is fair to both sides and stick to it. Try to use examples again to show why your outcome is the most advantageous for both of you.
6. Use examples are tangible and that are documented
If you could actually show real life examples of why the outcome you’re proposing is the best it will go along way in creating confidence in your client. As the professional an expert you need to show why you’re doing what you’re doing and how it will benefit your client.
7. Understand understand that this is a business conflict not a personal one
Never take business personally. If you take personal emotions into this you will lose every time. Remember that you were trying to get to an end point and this is not a battle of egos.
8. If all else fails and the client continues to be difficult Fire them
From my experience difficult clients can drain your time and efforts. Do not waste time under for a client as they will never come to the conclusion that you do.
It’s better to move on and go find a new client that will work better in your system. Difficult clients are financially and mentally draining on a business owner and do not get sucked into that vacuum.

How to Deal With Unreasonable and Difficult Clients.



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